Sunday, May 1, 2011

Think Different %288%29

Think Different %288%29

A Month on the Continent | You're All Wrong (the Bittler Blog)
I have never in my life experienced so many different forms of ice: compressed snow, hoar frost, and thick layers of sheet ice that brought down tree branches and had to be chiseled off cars and steps. I'm also at a career crossroads. I think it's time for me to take a full-time position, but I'm having trouble getting any employers to agree with me. I recently got turned down for a position because the company decided to go with someone รข€œless qualified. ...
Learning Chinese Can Be Done Quickly | I Do Articles
The decision to learn Chinese is a brave one, as this is a very complex language and very different from English and other Western tongues. Covered in this article are a few strategies for making the process easier for most. ... In conclusion: you need to think of learning Chinese as learning anything else that is challenging. Don't think so much about becoming fluent; instead think about learning at least something new in the language every single day. ...

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