Friday, April 29, 2011

Wong Faye 王菲

Wong Faye 王菲

空城- MV 2/10 | 浩子窝窝
歌名:《空城》 曲:kwan 词:陈æ™"娟歌手:王菲ä¸"è¾':《将爱》. 2/10, 空城 ... For Faye Wong, almost every piece is catchy… jjmshuang | #5. 2011 å¹´04 月29 æ—¥at 下午11:12. Agree. This beautiful Chinese lyric should never get translate to another language, simply because no other language can lift up the spirit of this song. Faye's voice the perfect match for this lyric. augustinesocrates | #6. 2011 å¹´04 月29 æ—¥at 下午11:27. Hopefully this translation can better capture the ...
Maypay~Chinese Music~: Top Combine (至上勵合) - Lucky Boys EP
Faye Wong (王菲) - 阿菲·傳奇國語粵語精選HD · Zhang Xiao Jue (張小覺) - 張小覺很自覺 · All's Well End's Well 2011 (最强囍事) [DVD] · The Warring States (战国) [DVD] · Don't Go Breaking My Heart (單身ç"·å¥³) [DVD] · Just Call Me Nobody (大 ...

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